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Built on a scientific foundation, latest industry applications, and leading scientific methods, Strong Microbials is continuously identifying new processes, techniques, and novel microbial strains to develop the next generation of solutions for the challenges faced by the agricultural industry today and tomorrow.


We strive to supply probiotics for your particular need. At Strong Microbials, we have a vision of customer-directed technical support, combined with cutting edge research and development to implement new, innovative solutions for the agricultural industry.

Benefits of probiotic supplements, such as DFM, depend on proper formulation, quality ingredients, proper administration, customer feedback, and also good farming practice.

Years of experience, as well as extensive scientific literature, show that intestinal well being and significant cost reduction result from the use of animal probiotic supplements.

Ultimately, Strong Microbials’ continuous commitment to research and development has created proven products that are responsive to the needs of the agricultural production industry.