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After using SuperDFM-HoneyBee in the spring and summer I entered the fall with a hive size twice the size as normal in the fall. Now its spring. It feels that on the whole we hardly had any winter loss. Every thing looks pretty good. My bees are the best they have looked for as long as I can remember. I am not making this up. They actually are looking better and stronger then I have ever seen them and I am looking forward to moving them into the almonds. I feel I am actually going to make some money on my bees this year. Thank you!

Aaron LaFond | Southpow Bees and Manufacturing, Lebanon, OR
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Last year in January my bees were very sick and I was not able to send them to pollinate the almonds. I started using SuperDFM-Honeybee almost monthly. I can say that I was able to move them to the Dakotas and return them to Florida. I can say I did not lose my bees. I can say that the state inspector said I can bring my bees to CA to do almonds.

John Tschida | Tschida Apiaries, Haines City, FL

Microbes help bees battle chalkbrood, I said it in 1998 in my article on it, and I say it again now.

Dr. Jeff Pettis USDA-ARS

We used SuperDFM-Poultry. for 5 years now without need for antibiotics. This probiotic supplement does the best job for our birds.

Becky and Rick Abendroth | Abendroth's Hatchery, Waterloo, WI
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SuperDFM-Poultry keeps my layers healthy and happy.

" SuperDFM-HoneyBee is a perfect alternative to Fumagillin. Better results and safe to use during honey flow. "
Wes Collier"

Wes Collier | LaBelle, FL

I can see that SuperDFM-HoneyBee is really making a difference with the bees that are getting it.

Mike Hall | R. Hall and Sons Apiaries, Davis, SD

Great new all natural tool for the beekeeper to reduce risks of brood diseases. Most important safe during honey flow!

Mike Risk Lansing, Michigan

I like how safe it is to use all year. I do see my bees look healthier and I believe in using SuperDFM-Honeybee.

Myron Kroph | Salem, AR