Total Nutrition


Total Nutrition

Natural pollen on flowers contains live beneficial microbes for honey bees...So does Total Nutrition... the interchangeable alternatives to real pollen.
Diversify your bee's diet during pollination contracts with Total Nutrition to maximize intestinal comfort.

Total Nutrition is a perfect protein supplement for your honey bees. This pollen substitute is enhanced by essential amino acids and all natural active direct fed microbial ingredients scientifically selected for maximum benefits to promote intestinal comfort in honeybees and to strengthen colonies.

These ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and are safe for bee consumption. Probiotics are internationally recognized to have beneficial properties in both animal and human health. Total Nutrition is a rich and nourishing viable probiotic feed supplement that promotes bees' intestinal comfort. Total Nutrition is 100% compliant with all American animal feed regulations.

  • Promotes intestinal comfort
  • Reinvigorate hive performance
  • Safe, quick and easy to use
  • Outstanding yields
  • Excellent protein source

For extra benefit, Total Nutrition can be supplemented to your hives at any time of the year. Total Nutrition maximizes your yields and profits by reducing colony mortality and increasing colony population.

Convenient for all apiaries:

  • 7.05 oz (200 g): 5 hive supplement
  • 4.4 lb (2 kg): 50 hive supplement
  • 22 lb (10 kg): 250 hive supplement

Others uses for Total Nutrition:

  • To reinvigorate bees underperforming, weak or not feeding
  • During shipping to minimize gut stress
  • When installing nuks
  • For new queen introduction
  • For a cleaner healthier hive


Total Nutrition is a Natural probiotic enhanced feed supplement proven to minimize over winter losses and maximize spring build-up. Total Nutrition is natural digestive health aid to maintain honey bee colony strength.
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