A healthy pig is a happy pig.

SuperDFM-Swine is a direct feed microbial supplement for swine. This product was formulated to offer maximum flexibility without any changes in diet. It can be combined with all other feed additives, or be dissolved in water for ease of supplementation. SuperDFM-Swine improves intestinal health which results in improved average daily gain, feed conversion ratio, and significant reduction of mortality. Supplementing with SuperDFM-Swine creates a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing pathogens from staying within the animal’s gut.

Benefits of SuperDFM-Swine:

  • Establishes beneficial microflora
  • Increases feed conversion ratio
  • Increases average daily gain
  • Competitively excludes pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridia
  • Reduces mortality rates
  • Stimulates Immunity


SuperDFM-Swine is a Safe and natural substitution of antibiotic growth promoters.
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