A healthy bird is a happy bird.

SuperDFM-Poultry can be used in both conventional and modern poultry production. Strong Microbials has formulated SuperDFM-Poultry to dominate gut microflora, which helps the bird overcome negative side effects caused by bacterial pathogens, sub-clinical challenges and acute disease challenges. This results in improved productivity. Use immediately after hatch, during feed changes and periods of stress.

Benefits of SuperDFM-Poultry:

  • Establishes beneficial microflora
  • Competitively excludes intestinal pathogens
  • Decreases mortality rates
  • Increases weight gain
  • Increases size, quality of eggs
  • Improves Haugh unit
  • Decreases egg damage ration


Safe and effective probiotic for all poultry.
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Beneficial microbial supplement for poultry containing naturally occurring live (viable) microorganisms.
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Blend of probiotic cultures aimed at reducing risks of coccidiosis.
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Blend of probiotic cultures and enzymes focused on reducing risk of necrotic enteritis.
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Try our thermostable version of beneficial microbial supplements for poultry containing naturally occurring live (viable) microorganisms. PoultryDFM-TS is formulated to be pelletized into feed. This product is safe to be used in a pelletizer and expander.
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